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CHARACTER NAME: Basco ta Jolokia
CHARACTER SERIES: Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger


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[ A : Phone : Open ]

[ Basco sounds annoyed at something when he start to speak. ]

Seriously, it's getting really tiresome to be in a house full of drones. I really know how it is for you, Greed-chan. Both my wife and daughter's been droned and it's pissing me off seeing their faces but not having the same personalities on them. It's as if Mabe-chan'd go all lovey-dovey with Sari or something. Disturbing.

[ Pause. He turns his attention from the phone for a moment. ]

Go away, get lost, brat. 

[ He return his attention to the phone. ]

...might go visit Abel-chan or Greed-chan... Or do you have an address, Mabe-chan, miss GokaiYellow?

[ At the last two sentences, his voice turn more amused, and it's obvious that he's grinning at the thought of going to bug those four. He pauses again, and mutters to himself.]

...or maybe I should just go to the bar..

[ B : Olney's Tavern : Open ]

[ He sits down by the bar, huffs a little and stretches his arms above his head, fingers weaved together. He's not really having a purpose, nor does he start working for quite some time, so anyone is free to speak to him. ]

[ C : John Doe Park : Open ]

[ He had been drinking at Olney's, and while his cheeks are lightly flushed from the alcohol, he's not at all affected by it. He's not drunk, because he isn't that easy to get drunk. Well, it was easier for him as human than when he still had his real form, but none the less, it's still hard to get him drunk. He's been it once here in Mayfield, at Homecoming, and if he had understood that right, it might have been Greed's fault. Unless someone else had spiked the drinks with something else besides with alcohol of something, because that thing had had a fast effect on him. ]

character relations
Basco is amused

Greed = all_ofthethings
Basco first met Greed at the bar where they both work, the day Greed first arrived in mayfield. He finds it very amusing and interesting to talk to Greed, as there are many differences to their worlds. He has noticed that they are a little similar in personality, but not enough similar for him to be annoyed by. They seem to run into each other over and over, sometimes several times the same day, and Basco wonders about that a little, but finds it amusing.

Bel = princecreepshow

Abel = custodismundi
Basco mainly sees Abel as a quite adorable ditz, but he knows that he isn't a compleye fool.
Their first meeting was, according to Basco, very amusing. Then again, Abel is most likely not used to getting licked in the ear by someone he just met, so of course it would be awkward for him. For Basco, however, it's just entertaining. Besides that, he finds it interesting to talk to this guy, because there are many moments that he talk to himself. Does he even notice?

Luka = moneydearboy
Basco is of the opinion that she has potential to become like him, with the right tweaking. She is greedy for money, after all. But still, she is Mabe-chan's litte pet GokaiYellow-chan, and that makes it a bit harder to manipulate her. And Luka, even if you try to trick Basco, he won't fall for it that easily.

Marvelous = sumofallreds
Marvelous and Basco go a few years back. They were members of the Red Pirates, and Basco betrayed him and AkaRed one day. Then again, he had never seen them as real comrades, like Marvelous had. However, Basco will always love to bug you, even though your only intereaction this far in this town was a phonecall; when Basco was sick. None the less, Mabe-chan, you will always be so much fun to mess with, both you and your crew.

Kono = surf_n_makai

Yamame = thug_disease
Everyone deserves to be a child sometimes, no? Yamame might have the ability to show that Basco can be childish too. He sure doesn't mind being sprayed with water by her.
Yamame is interesting, and even more so because she states she is a Tsuchigumo while not knowing what it is. It's not every day you meet that kind of people, is it?
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shooting drones ...Collapse )

... and shooting not!drones.Collapse )

Even those who aren't human in their world get sick in this
[  Around Mayfield  |  Smashing insects  |  Open  ]

[ Basco is happy to have some action around the place, and he is shooting away at ants, crabs and praying mantises, an evil glint in his eyes as he break machine upon machine. Yes, he's enjoying himself, but is a bit disappointed that there is no blood, only the hollow sound of electric wires being ripped apart. ]

[  the 29th  |  Phone  ] 

[ Basco's voice is both muffled and tired, and he sounds far off. He sniffles, drawing in his breath and his teeth is cluttering. ]

Damnit... 's it always been so cold here...?

[ He cough and if you'd been able to see him, you can see how the phone is probbed up against his cheek and ear and he's just laying in the bed without really moving. ]

Not feeling good.. Being human really sucks.

[ He coughs again, this time getting a worse fit than the previous one.n]

..I was having plans for work tonight, too...

[ He has talked to Luka, but it's nothing that he think of right now. If he'd been able to think right now, he wouldn't even have made this call. ]

[  the 29th |   1250 Williams Road  |  Open to Friends and Family  ]

[ It's the afternoon, the same day that he made his phone-call, and he is in the kitchen. He has just managed to push a drawer in front of the door to a closet, in which his drone-son and drone-daughter is shut into. He leans against the drawers side, feeling drained. But the two children had been bugging him all morning, causing him to not get much sleep. If you walk into the kitchen uninvited, you might find him on the edge of drifting off while shivering in cold sweat.

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manipulative basturrrd
The things marked in red are events.

I think (No, I'm sure that I've missed stuff, because I can only go back to the beginning of october on my friends page, and I started as Basco in the beginning of August. I won't mind if you tell me he's been talking to one of your character in their journal, if it's not listed.

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Today is a lovely day for kicking mats' asses and drinking. Oh, and for calling horses.
manipulative basturrrd
A. Rec Center

You can find Basco doing either of these things ar the Rec center:

1: practicing shooting at the shooting range. Beware, he might have found moving targets!
2: At an exercise machine, workingo ut.
3: Or practicing martial arts from space. He doesn't have a sparring-partner yet, so feel free to ask.

B. Grey ABC Liquor Store

[ If you pass by the shop, and by chance look inside and past the dirty windows, you can see Basco looking at different liquor. He is silently, and to himself, muttering almost inaudible curses that there are no tasty drinks. Between the curses, you might be able to hear him hum on Fifteen men on a dead man’s chest. Most of all the line Drink and the devil had done for the rest.

He continues to look around, however, in case he can find any good Rum. ]

C. Phone (open, since he forgot that the one he was supposed to call is the pony named Rarity.

I was told that there is a ...horse-type pony...

[ Never mind the pause. Even though he has been trying to get this properly, he's still confused about it. ]

..Who make clothes...

I was wondering where I can cantact it..him..her...uh...

[ He mumbles mostly to himself. ]

I think she said it was a her..

[ Turning his attention back to the phone, he still sounds a bit... off.. He's not used to being confused over things, after all. ]


I do apologize, but it seems I forgot what your name is.

004. Action post
manipulative basturrrd
[ A - 1250 Williams Road - Morning - Locked/Open to Williams Road ]

[ He is up early, and is sitting by the table eating breakfast. He is looking through the newspaper with little interest as he waits for Terra to wake up. He has a few things that he want to talk to her about. ]

[ B - Around Mayfield - Afternoon ]

[ Basco can be seen leave a diner, and head to... somewhere. He looks as if he has a destination, but he's just following the roads to see where he ends up. Exploring is something he does whenever he has the time for it, and he doesn't start work just yet. ]

003: Phone
Phone | Open to all

[ Basco clears his throat, and once he speeks, it might be possible to hear on his voice that he is pleased. ]

I got my gun back, fancy that. I don't know if I'd have preferred getting my clothes back, but still. Now I can shoot Mabe-chan and AkaRed if they show up.

I mean, who is it who never take off his helmet, so that even his subordinates doesn't know his face? Oh, yes, my former captain, AkaRed. 

[ He frown and finger at the hem of his shirt's neckline. Damn, he misses his boa. ]

He doesn't have any imagination, by the way. He calls himself AkaRed, AkaRed, just to clarify ther he's extra red or something? And we were called the Red Pirates.

[ He snort and then smirk. ]

Does anyone know if it's possible to get back their clothes? These ones are really uncomfortable, and not very much.. becoming on me.

Nor do they speak 'pirate', so to say.


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